Insurance Claims

The weather in Bozeman is always unpredictable, a sunny day can turn into a wind storm in a matter of hours, leaving people unprepared for potential damages. Lost River Roofing is happy to work with your insurance to repair any damages caused by storms, wind, hail, or other accidents that may happen.

From the initial inspection, and insurance adjustments, to the completion of the project, we will handle everything on our end so you won’t have to worry. We will provide you and your insurance provider with an accurate estimate for any needed roof repairs or replacements and then determine a plan of action that works best for you. At Lost River Roofing, we are diligent in our communication, not only with your insurance but with you as well so you are always comfortable and in the loop. Our client’s safety and comfort are a top priority for Lost River Roofing and we will work hard to ensure your insurance claim and repair is smooth and efficient.

If the roof of your home or commercial building in Gallatin County has been damaged, contact Lost River Roofing today to discuss insurance claims and get your roof repaired as quickly as possible.

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